Top 10 reasons to use AutoRev Automatic Reversing Modules/Controller 

Reason 1 Installation - Simply wire your trolley, tram, handcar, streetcar or loco from the track blocks to the Module

Reason 2 Affordable - All shuttle controllers/modules are competitively priced

Reason 3 Warranty - We offer the industries BEST Warranty - ONE YEAR

Reason 4 Scales - Our modules support Z Scale, N Scale, TT Scale, HO Scale, G Scale - ALL SCALES!; We grow with your hobby!

Reason 5 NO Infrared - We DO NOT use Infrared to detect when to reverse

Reason 6 Detectors - Our modules use current detection for deciding when to reverse

Reason 7 Terminals - High quality screw terminal connections

Reason 8 Simple to Operate - Adjustments made by screw driver

Reason 9 Direction Lights - All modules have lights indicating forward and reverse

Reason 10 Reputation - Bazooka Electronics has established 100% EBAY feedback Click for EBAY Rating


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