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3 Rail AutoRev
Model: ARM-5-3RC
$99.95 USD
  • For Use with Lionel Pennsylvania Flyer
  • Z to G Scale 3 Rail Locomotives which E-Units Installed
  • Independent Adjustment of Acceleration and Deceleration
  • Adjustable Delay Time (0 - 4.25min.)
  • Firmware(Software) Upgradable**
  • 0s to 4.5min. of Delay
  • Reversing Cycle Controlled by Delay Time and Throttle
  • Track Power and Direction Light
  • 0 - 100% Throttle Operation
  • Screw Terminal Connections
  • Simple Installation
  • Screws and Standoffs Included
  • One Year Warranty¬†
  • The 3 Rail AUTOREV provides automated back and forth running of a rail vehicle on short or long track. Typical uses include trolleys, streetcars, narrow gauge lines and mine trams. The module is also suited for animated holiday displays in store windows, on the mantle or under the tree. Running time can be adjusted from 0s to 4.5min. Installation requires isolated sections of track, with rail gaps at each end. Simple screw terminals make all electrical connections to the module. The module is designed to work with Z to G scaled locomotives which draw less than 5 Amps.

    Acceleration and Deceleration

    A standard feature of the 3 Rail AutoRev is prototypical acceleration and deceleration or braking. Independent control of acceleration and deceleration allows any combination of prototypical operation.

    Track Power and Status Indicator

    The track power indicator ensures the module is connected correctly. The brightness of the indicator is proportional to the input track voltage. The higher the track voltage the brighter the track indicator glows. The Status indicator lights up when the rail vehicle is traveling in the reverse direction.

    ARM-5-LVC Instructions